Asset ID

If submitting a help ticket for a Chromebook include the asset tag.  Many Chromebook issues can be corrected remotely and quickly if we have this information.  It can be located in a few areas.

  • The upper right corner of the Chromebook login screen
  • The blue tag on the bottom normally starts with a "B".
  • Handwritten in silver sharpie on the bottom.

Help Desk Communications

Upon submitting a help ticket you will receive an email confirmation of your request to the email address provided.  The tech department will respond via the help desk and you will receive follow-up email(s) with further information or questions.   It's important you use the link in these emails to respond to updates or questions.  Do not simply reply to the email as the message will not be seen.

Whenever possible include the device's BCSD asset tag, which is a blue sticker usually on the bottom of the device.  On a Chromebook, this is also located on the upper right of the login screen.  If this tag isn't available please provide the serial number if visible.